turkey Bolognese on plate side

turkey bolognese (ish) sauce with spinach

What’s with the “ish” you ask? Well this IS a thick meat sauce BUT adding spinach leaves at the end so they get “just” cooked gives it an extra zest that’s not typical of bolognese sauces but ohhhh does it taste good! Serving this sauce over spaghetti squash is a delicious, […]

Spaghetti squash

spaghetti squash

Squash season is upon us dollopers and oh is it tasty! A favorite? Oh no, I can’t pick just one but the options for spaghetti squash do seem to be endless so that’s where we’ll start. Have it as a side as is, or add a […]

gazpacho seville

gazpacho with a seville twist

We can’t give up on summer just yet! The farm stands (CSAs, supermarkets, corner delis, take your pick) are overflowing with ripe, red, delicious tomatoes and sure, we could make sauce and do other tomato preservations but lets save those recipes for a few weeks. The […]