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After years of family and friends asking me for recipes, menu suggestions and hosting ideas I decided to start dollop of zest. Dollop’s here to share enjoyably exciting qualities of cooking with you (yes, enjoyably exciting qualities is part of the definition of zest). And since I can’t help myself from passing along interesting dollops of life you’ll find a few of them mixed in here too.

I like cooking, but I looooove feeding people great food that they enjoy. The recipes I share are ones I have cooked, tasted and am happy to serve to the people most important to me. I am fortunate (depending on the day) to be surrounded by some very discerning pallets so can also say these recipes will withstand serious taste testers.

I’m sharing my time these days between my NYC kitchen and the North Fork of Long Island, my inspiration for recipes using local produce, seafood and creating the perfect afternoon dock or vineyard snack. When I travel I take cooking classes and taste as much of the local traditional food as possible. To keep my vacation glow after I’m back I try to recreate my favorites with the ingredients found here so you’ll have opportunity to try these too.

Hope you enjoy dollop of zest as much as I do and please e-mail me any feedback, questions or things you’d like to see.

Bon Appétit, Cara
(said in Julia Child’s voice of course)

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