marinated flank steak

marinated flank steak

I enjoy impromptu gatherings and believe wholeheartedly in the saying the more the merrier! But the key for me to enjoying a spontaneous dinner (or lunch) is not getting caught without something tasty to serve. If you’re thinking uhhhh is she nuts and the idea of a popup dinner party […]

lime mint chicken kebab with tzatziki

lime & mint marinated chicken kebabs

Don’t you just love summer evenings and all the opportunities that come with lighter later and a nice warm breeze! Concerts in town parks, outdoor theatre, movies on the lawns, bands playing at the vineyards until twilight, sunsets at the beach, and that’s just what I […]

pork, BBQ, marinade, avocado, mango, salsa, pork chops

grilled pork chop marinade

summer season marinades – part 1 I marinate, it’s what I do. Chicken, zucchini, pork, all get it equally and coming up with new marinades is a game I have with myself (and now you). After years of trying random collections of flavors I’ve created a few […]