Spaghetti squash

spaghetti squash

Squash season is upon us dollopers and oh is it tasty! A favorite? Oh no, I can’t pick just one but the options for spaghetti squash do seem to be endless so that’s where we’ll start. Have it as a side as is, or add a […]

gazpacho seville

gazpacho with a seville twist

We can’t give up on summer just yet! The farm stands (CSAs, supermarkets, corner delis, take your pick) are overflowing with ripe, red, delicious tomatoes and sure, we could make sauce and do other tomato preservations but lets save those recipes for a few weeks. The […]

Charissa chicken grilled

charissa chicken

Fashionably late is how I usually arrive (or at least that’s what I like to think) but I’m arriving later than that to the cHarissa party. If you’re like me and are asking yourself “Cha-ri” what? Here’s the scoop, cHarissa is a Moroccan spice rub. It’s a blend of cumin […]

grilled potato salad

grilled potato salad

Potato salad isn’t something I make often, or crave if we’re being honest, but after making this version I know I’ll be trying it again and creating lots of variations. Grilled potatoes, parsley, crumbled bacon, sautéed shallots and a dijon vinaigrette combine to create a delicious salad. It’s […]

turkey burger

turkey burgers

It’s TBT at dollop of zest! Yes, it is Thursday, but we’re not talking about throwback Thursday “TBT”, we are talking Turkey Burger Time. Adding a few herbs and dollops gives this burger great flavor and helps save it from falling into the the dreaded dried out […]

grilled eggplant tower

grilled eggplant, tomato, cheese & basil towers

The taste of summer is in this tower, and ohhh does summer taste good! Tomatoes are ripe for picking, basil is fresh and fragrant and the eggplants are plump and purple – yep they’re all ready for towers! These work great as a side for any […]

fish tacos with cilantro sauce

fish tacos with cilantro sauce

You know it’s really good when your taste testers are asking you to make it again the next day. That’s exactly what happened when I served these fish tacos with cilantro sauce, and yes, I am making them again this week. Not only are they tasty and quick to cook but there […]

red onions marinated in red wine vinegar

marinated red onions

These marinated red onions are so simple you’re going to wonder if I forgot the rest of the post, but nope – it’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3. The uses for the red onions once they’ve been marinated though is endless! Try them on a […]

marinated flank steak

marinated flank steak

I enjoy impromptu gatherings and believe wholeheartedly in the saying the more the merrier! But the key for me to enjoying a spontaneous dinner (or lunch) is not getting caught without something tasty to serve. If you’re thinking uhhhh is she nuts and the idea of a popup dinner party […]



Last fall while in Paris I became a little (ok maybe a lot) into ratatouille. I was cooking it up about once a week and liking it but always tasting, tweaking and re-trying. Well dollopers we now have “the one” and lucky for us the farmstands (and […]